For Lithuanian customers:

For foreign customers:



The product can be exchanged / returned:

  • purchased through the e-shop - within 14 calendar days of dispatch from the warehouse (the customer is informed on the same day by the specified e-mail, and the shipment code is indicated for tracking the shipment).
  • It is necessary to fill in the return / exchange form in the e-shop, indicating the order number and other required data.
  • It is possible to change to an item of the same value without changing the size, color or just to replace an unused item. To switch to a cheaper product, we will refund the difference. When switching to a more expensive product, the customer pays the difference. In case of exchange, we will send it again free of charge.
  • Upon receipt of the returned item, we will inspect and evaluate it. If an item meets our requirements, we will refund money. When returning through the e-shop, the money is returned only for the product. Shipping costs are not covered. After the transfer, the customer is informed by the specified e-mail. We refund your money within 5 days from the return of the goods.
  • International customers must pay the shipping costs again to receive a replacement product. Goods will only be dispatched after payment of the shipping costs.
  • Gift certificates are non-refundable. Clothes purchased for gift vouchers can only be exchanged.
  • Returned / exchanged goods must be: NOT WEARED, UNWASHED, NOT DAMAGED.

If you have any further questions, please email us at: